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Positive dog training with clicker

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Dog training based on positive reinforcement is the most popular training method of our times. In other words educating your dog with physical power or dominance is fading away and The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior named dominance based training as ineffective and possibly dangerous. So what is positive dog training and why

Luring Shaping Capturing. Dog training methods.

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In the Dogo App we use three main methods to train dogs: luring, shaping and capturing. We would like to give a quick overlook of each method and its pros and cons. Capturing This is catching and naming a certain behaviour - stretching, yawning, digging, that your dog does daily. For a few days

How to train the most destructive dog ever?

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Everybody knows Labrador retriever puppies as sweet, friendly and social dogs. However, has anybody told you that they are the most destructive dog breed? Their activity level is extreme and if you do not stimulate such dog mentally your home will its toll. How I imagine it will be My personal story is that

Dog FIREWORKS! Help your dog who’s afraid of fireworks.

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Many of us who have dogs do not get excited about the fireworks as much as others. Dog + fireworks often do not go together. We know that our dog is either hiding under the table, barking for an hour or shivering in fear. A lot of dogs are scared of fireworks. You do not

Puppy development. Puppy socialization & different stages.

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It is great to have a dog who is well-balanced, self-confident and friendly to other people, kids and pets. Early experiences and introduction to different stimuli can prepare your dog for future encounters in life. There are some crucial moments in puppy development which you should take into considerations when taking care