Hiccups in dogs. What causes them?

If you are a puppy owner, you probably have heard your dog having hiccups. It is fairly common among young dogs. But what causes them? And is it normal in adult dogs? Anatomy Hiccups are caused by the spasmic contraction of a diaphragm – membrane that separates thoracic and abdominal caves. The innervation runs through […]

Harmful food from the Thanksgiving table

Sometimes overeating is a great pleasure of life. Especially for such special¬†occasions like Thanksgiving. Juicy Turkey, cheese grits and corn pudding makes me hungry already. But who is there under the table? Sad hungry eyes, following every bite you take. Well, it is Thanksgiving, I share the dinner with my dog… Harmful food from the […]

Can your dog be VEGETARIAN?

Vegetarian or vegan diets sometimes are viewed controversially in humans, not to mention in dogs. Can you feed your dog a vegetarian diet? Your dog is probably howling NOOOOOO and is trying to destroy your laptop so you do not read any further! Would Dogo recommend feeding no animal protein diet? In this article, we […]