Dog running away from me. How to prevent it.

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Your dog might not know how to spin or do a back stand and it is completely fine, it won't affect your friendship. But having a dog constantly running away from you and not coming back when called is a big nuisance. Why dogs are running away and how to behave in the situation?

Dog house training. Step by step and troubleshooting.

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Waking up and stepping into a puddle is something that most puppy owners experience. Dogs 8 weeks of age can urinate once an hour while awake. As soon as a puppy arrives at your home, your first task is to s teach your dog house training by encouraging the dog to eliminate in a specified

Dog FIREWORKS! Help your dog who’s afraid of fireworks.

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Many of us who have dogs do not get excited about the fireworks as much as others. Dog + fireworks often do not go together. We know that our dog is either hiding under the table, barking for an hour or shivering in fear. A lot of dogs are scared of fireworks. You do not