Positive dog training

Why does your dog need training?

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We take it for granted but actually, it is amazing that dogs are so deeply involved in our daily life. Dogs belong to other species and such close inter-species relation is unprecedented. However, for the dogs to understand us, it is important to teach them our language and to get to know their behaviour and motivations. Dogo

Luring Shaping Capturing. Dog training methods.

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In the Dogo App we use three main methods to train dogs: luring, shaping and capturing. We would like to give a quick overlook of each method and its pros and cons. Capturing This is catching and naming a certain behaviour - stretching, yawning, digging, that your dog does daily. For a few days walk

How to train the most destructive dog ever?

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Everybody knows Labrador retriever puppies as sweet, friendly and social dogs. However, has anybody told you that they are the most destructive dog breed? Their activity level is extreme and if you do not stimulate such dog mentally your home will its toll. How I imagine it will be My personal story is that

TOP 5 dog training mistakes that can ruin your friendship

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Big day! You finally became a puppy parent and your head is full of the ideas on how to train him/her to do all kinds of tricks. It is not that easy as it looks from the first sight – it requires tons of patience, time and determination. DOGO app creators noticed that these are

Dog house training. Step by step and troubleshooting.

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Waking up and stepping into a puddle is something that most puppy owners experience. Dogs 8 weeks of age can urinate once an hour while awake. As soon as a puppy arrives at your home, your first task is to s teach your dog house training by encouraging the dog to eliminate in a specified