About Rasa Žiema

Rasa is a veterinary doctor and a founder of Dogo. Dogo was born after she has adopted her fearful and anxious dog - Ūdra. Her dog did not enjoy dog schools and Rasa took on the challenge to work herself. Being a vet Rasa realised that many people and their dogs would benefit from dog training.

Why my puppy bites and how to stop it?

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Biting is a natural behaviour among puppies when playing. Through such a rough form of play, they learn inhibition, coordination, and self-control. You should not tolerate your puppy bitting or nipping people even if it is in a playful way. Why puppies bite? Most probably your puppy bites you in order to attract attention,

Luring Shaping Capturing. Dog training methods.

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In the Dogo App we use three main methods to train dogs: luring, shaping and capturing. We would like to give a quick overlook of each method and its pros and cons. Capturing This is catching and naming a certain behaviour - stretching, yawning, digging, that your dog does daily. For a few days

How to train the most destructive dog ever?

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Everybody knows Labrador retriever puppies as sweet, friendly and social dogs. However, has anybody told you that they are the most destructive dog breed? Their activity level is extreme and if you do not stimulate such dog mentally your home will its toll. How I imagine it will be My personal story is that