About Rasa Žiema

Rasa is a veterinary doctor and a founder of Dogo. Dogo was born after she has adopted her fearful and anxious dog - Ūdra. Her dog did not enjoy dog schools and Rasa took on the challenge to work herself. Being a vet Rasa realised that many people and their dogs would benefit from dog training.

5 things to help prolong your dog’s life

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Owning a dog is making a commitment to heartbreak, as they live shorter lives. If you don’t want to think about the heartbreak of losing your beloved dog too early, follow these 5 easy steps and actively prolong your dog's life. Don't overfeed your dog - keep a healthy weight Obesity is not only

Dog running away from me. How to prevent it.

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Your dog might not know how to spin or do a back stand and it is completely fine, it won't affect your friendship. But having a dog constantly running away from you and not coming back when called is a big nuisance. Why dogs are running away and how to behave in the situation?

Does your pet’s microchip indicate ownership?

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As a vet, I strongly encourage all animal owners to microchip their pets. It is not only necessary for crossing borders when travelling, but once every few weeks, somebody comes to our clinic with a found pet. Usually, we are able to reunite pets with their owners. Unfortunately, legally, having your name and details

Harmful food from the Thanksgiving table

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Nova @dogochallenges Sometimes overeating is a great pleasure of life. Especially for such special occasions like Thanksgiving. Juicy Turkey, cheese grits and corn pudding makes me hungry already. But who is there under the table? Sad hungry eyes, following every bite you take. Well, it is Thanksgiving, I share the dinner with my