Cognitive dysfunction

Our pet friends as people are reaching older age with the help of medicine. Nowadays we put more value on pet’s life and tend to take better care of senior pets.  Almost half of dogs over the age of 10 suffer from cognitive dysfunction. The disorder manifests by disorientation, social interaction and sleep-wake disturbances, house soiling, increased anxiety and activity disturbances – apathy or aimless pacing.1

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Consult with your veterinary doctor if you notice any of these signs, there are various nutritional supplements or drugs that support your dog’s neurone functioning and prevent brain oxidative damage. However, a few studies have proven that combining medicine with physical exercise and environmental enrichment results in better cognitive scores.2 Physical and mental activity increases brain perfusion and improves synapse plasticity that both contribute to an overall better mental health.

Dogo App enriches your senior dog’s or puppy’s daily life by teaching new or refreshing the old tricks. Reward based trick training is a great method for mental stimulation especially in less mobile animals.

Other helpful activities are food puzzles, new toys, DIY tasks tailored to your dog, play time with your dog. Taking a dog to a new environment that provides sensory exposure.

Research suggests that environmental enrichment may delay the cognitive dysfunction if extra attention is given to median-aged animals.3 Do not forget that our senior friends, although their physical activity is decreased, still need mental stimulation to stay sharp for a longer time.

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